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Tradewinds Screens offers pool and patio enclosure services. With many newcomers to Florida in the last several years, Tradewinds Screens receives field calls daily asking if we build Lanai Screens, Patio Enclosures, Screen Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Screened in Patios, Extended Patio Enclosures, Screened Enclosures, Screened in Porches, and even Bird Cages. Despite what each customer calls it, we simply say, “Yes, how can we help make those dreams a reality and craft you a backyard paradise?”

Each project we provide, is a culmination of your ideal backyard vision, carefully designed by a licensed professional engineer and installed by our expert craftsmen. Rest easy knowing that all of our crews have more than 20-years of experience installing patios and aluminum screen enclosures in the Tampa Bay area.

What We Do


We offer a wide variety of screen types based on the homeowner’s preference. The most common type of screen we install is the 18×14 fiberglass mesh screen which offers good bug protection, visibility, airflow and a 7-10 year expected lifespan. Additionally, for homeowners looking for a tighter mesh to offer a higher level of protection from No-See-Um insects, cypress or pine needles, may opt for a tighter woven 20×20 screen mesh. If your backyard is prone to stray golf balls, jumping pets or kids who enjoy practicing their slap shot against the screen we offer several varieties of heavy-duty screen that are more resistant to damage with an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

paver and concrete patios

Paver and Concrete Patios

Very few screen enclosure companies provide concrete and paver patio services which forces homeowners to act as the project manager and track down multiple licensed contractors in order to get the job completed. Fortunately, Tradewinds Screens is equipped to handle all aspects of the project including the City or County Building Permits, Professional Engineering, Homeowner Association paperwork, required structural concrete footers, pouring concrete patio, installing your favorite flooring such as brick patio pavers or imported travertine and installing a custom-built screen enclosure.

Insulated Panel Roof Screen Enclosures

Insulated Panel Roof Screen Enclosures

Ready to kick back on your beautiful outdoor sectional and take in a football game on your outdoor television? Look no further than our custom-built insulated panel roof screen rooms. These rooms offer solid roof weather protection from sun, rain and bugs while offering you the flexibility to install ceiling fans, recessed lights and extending your living space into the outdoors. The screened walls facilitate air flow through the structure while keeping the bugs, lizards and other Florida critters from crawling into your party nachos.

pool and patio enclosure services

Pool Screen Enclosures

Pool parties can be fun! But keeping pools free from wandering ducks, snakes, and alligators are critical to the success of many pool volleyball games depending on how you keep score. Enjoy floating around without bugs landing in your mojito? Look no further than out custom-built pool screen enclosures. We work with you and/or your pool contractor to layout each structural piece of aluminum. Want to preserve the view and not feel like you are in a bird cage? Our open concept, floor to ceiling, post-to-post picture window end walls can help you feel like you’re in the backyard lake without the worry of alligators and love bugs. More of a practical client who is looking to keep chemical usage down while keeping the UV rays off your skin? Our screen enclosures offer your pool and patio protection from blowing leaves, dust, pollen and even UV rays that help minimize pool maintenance and prolong the life of your tiles and water features.

patio screen enclosures

Patio Screen Enclosures

Do you have a beautiful clubhouse pool down the street and don’t feel like paying for another one in your backyard? No problem. Let us work to extend your backyard patio and enclose it with a custom-built screen enclosure. Pick your size, shape configuration and pavers to match your backyard needs and let us get to work. Want to add a garden or hot tub built into the patio? Yup! We can support making that happen. Looking to set the mood with an outdoor fireplace or hang patio string lights? Sure, we are here and ready to help you craft the perfect space.

combination screen rooms

Combination Screen Rooms

Can’t decide on sun versus shade? Want to protect your outdoor kitchen or seating area while you lounge in the sun? No problem. We can custom design a screen enclosure with the perfect blend of solid roof panels and screen roof panels. These combination roof structure screen rooms offer the best of both worlds while keeping many married couples out of counseling.